A Significant Ecological Area in the Verdugo Mountains in L.A. is threatened by private, luxury development. 

Join us as we say NO to ‘Canyon Hills’. 

How You Can Help

1. Donate to support our Legal Fund & Advocacy Efforts.
2. Demand a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report
3. Follow us and amplify our message on Social Media.    
4. Help us acquire the land directly for conservation!       


The ‘Canyon Hills’ site is unceded territory and ancestral land of the Fernandeño Tataviam and Gabrieleno Tongva Band of Mission Indians.

Under colonial legacy, the mountain range we know as “The Verdugos” has been subject to a series of financial transactions and thus recast as private property. It has been cut-through by a major freeway and disassembled into “parcels.” And yet, with its abundant native flora communities whose underground structures rebel against false borders, the land continues to support a vibrant ecosystem. It provides crucial habitat for L.A.’s threatened cougar population (including the newest cat in town, #LaTunaPuma) as well as other large and small mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and all manner of life. Held deep in its rock, its soil, its streams, is an immeasurable correlation of timespans.

Today, as we face unprecedented biodiversity loss, climate-related catastrophe and cultural dispossession, we must say no to a project like ‘Canyon Hills’ that harms far more than it heals; that devalues (destroys) life in favor of profit. #NOCanyonHills.